Using the iPad in legal practice 2015

Back in 2011, when iPads were still not a familiar sight in our courtrooms, I did a series of posts on using the iPad in legal practice.

Since then, I’ve presented that information in various formats, and converted it into a PDF ideally suited for use on an iPad, with hyperlinks to recommended apps and websites.

I suggested a couple of months ago posting an updated version, and had a couple of tweets from folks who were interested in that.

So, I’ve finished revising it, and for those who’re interested, here’s the latest version. (Just click on the download button to view on your device.)

I think I’ve removed out-of-date links and apps, but let me know if you find anything odd!

And if you’re in a hurry, these are the main apps I find useful.

5 thoughts on “Using the iPad in legal practice 2015

  1. Anonymous

    HiIt seems you have a good selection of apps. Although I would highly recommend EverNote and BitCasa. I think Dropbox is too unsecure for use in legal practice.

  2. I'm a fan of Evernote, though it‘s a cloud-based service too, and so may not be suitable for all confidential applications.I had not heard of BitCasa, but looking at its site, it doesn't seem to have any consumer-level apps that integrate in quite the way the others I’ve tried do. Personally, I find Viivo is a good way of encrypting files inside Dropbox for use in an iOS workflow.

  3. Gene

    Good selection. But as opposed to Goodreader, i'd recommend Documents by Readdle. I utilize a longer file naming system, and Goodreader and other document views do not devote sufficient screen real estate. Documents by Readdle does this.

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