Do you ever need English judgments?

I have a contested hearing in a bit over a week, where one issue is the return of a subpoena seeking all complaints or findings made against one of my key witnesses.

Happily for me, I wrote some commentary on precisely this topic in Chapter 12 on subpoenas.

A number of the cases I want are English ones. Perhaps you’ve experienced the difficulty of getting them?

We used to subscribe to the Authorised Reports (the ACs and QBs amongst them) on CD-ROM, and the All England Reports (All ER) in hardcopy, but both were cancelled. We still receive the Weekly Law Reports (WLR) in hardcopy.

For around the same price as the hardcopy of the WLR, we could subscribe to the Authorised Reports and WLR electronically. That would provide statewide access to them for all of us.

Would you use them? Should we try — again — to push for this?

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