Keeping up-to-date

The constant battle for most of us is keeping up-to-date with new legislation and new cases.

I know of no simple way to monitor state legislation other than to regularly visit the various legislative websites. (Dr Manhattan Edit: “What about subscribing to us, Elucubrator? What could be easier than that?”)

You can subscribe to Commonwealth legislative changes.

For cases, there are so many ways that it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

  1. Lexis Nexis Daily judgments notifier — chose the jurisdiction and area of law, and receive regular emails notifying you of new matching judgments
  2. Use the recent decisions function on Austlii
  3. Australian Institute of Criminology alert services
  4. WLR daily — new judgments from UK courts. Use the watch that page subscription button at the bottom of the page for a daily email advising of new judgments
  5. National Policing Improvement Agency Digest — monthly round-up of policy, legislation and cases affecting policing in the UK

There are others, but most remain subscription-based or members-only.

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