More online resources

The Australian Professional Liability Blog mentioned a couple of useful online resources yesterday. (I’m chuffed to mention this blog also got a mention!)

I recommend you check them out and either subscribe to or bookmark the ones you find useful:

  1. The Criminal Law Survival Kit, by NSW Public Defender John Stratton. I like his broad division of topics into substantive and evidence law: very logical and neat. (You should also have a look at the material the Public Defenders Office has online. Though focussed on NSW law, it has a wealth of criminal law and advocacy material. One worthwhile article I read a few years ago and recommend is The Ten Commandments of Evidence in Chief.)
  2. Charterblog, an excellent and extremely detailed look at the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and cases that consider it. Aside from the Human Rights Law Resource Centre, this is the only other online commentary resource I know of that for the Victorian Charter. It’s understandable but a shame Jeremy Gans didn’t keep blogging. (I was interested to see his link to Melbourne University’s knowledge transfer. I’m not sure if it’s a department, or project, or just an idea — but it sounds useful.)
  3. Don Just, of the Victorian Bar, authors Australian Criminal Law & Process.
  4. Julie Clarke. I subscribed to her blog on competition law and bookmarked her other sites, but I can understand they might not be directly relevant to everyday summary procedure. But…unless you never buy anything at the shops, I think you’ll find her Contract and Consumer Law blog useful for your own information about consumer rights and remedies.

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