Advocacy by Selby

Many advocates will be familiar with Advocacy, by the late David Ross QC. It’s an insightful collection of principles and ideas for practitioners of all levels of experience.

Another valuable read shares the same name. Advocacy, by Hugh Selby, is also slim and accessible in its approach. Selby’s approach is more methodical, as he takes the reader through the basics of defence advocacy.

Selby is perhaps best known as co-author of Expert Evidence with Ian Freckelton SC. I hope he won’t mind if I cherry-pick a couple of his best quotes from the book (rest assured, there are plenty more in there):

A persuasive communicator in a competition, such as a trial, better meets the audience’s needs than does their opponent;

What we see from [the] example is that the competent advocate is a master of the whole case, not only their own side, and because of that mastery can anticipate their opponent’s likely moves;

Whether just starting out in practice or returning to the criminal field after some time away, or looking for a suitable gift for someone who is, Advocacy by Selby is a worthwhile addition to this important topic.

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