Bail applications at Melbourne

Last week saw the release of new Court One Protocols that will attempt to regulate remand proceedings at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Where the Registry has been advised of a bail application prior to the date a specific time for the commencement of the application will be allocated. If the application is not ready to proceed at that time, the protocol warns, it may be adjourned to a further date.

Other issues include the formalising of a 12:30 call-over of unresolved matters and an expectation that all matters (excluding late remands) will be ready to proceed by 3 p.m. There’s a presumption that all listed matters will be finalised by 4 and that the Court will not sit beyond 5.

The 16-point document is signed by Chief Magistrate Ian Gray. It adds to the existing Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Listing Protocols.

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