No News isn't good news

It’s August, which means I should have received a fresh edition of the Victorian Bar News by now. But I haven’t. Nobody I know has.

It’s possible that I’ve missed an e-mail or a post somewhere advising that there’s not going to be a winter edition. The by-line to this worthy industry journal is the Quarterly Bar News and the last one came out in March, so it looks like we’re now going to have to wait for spring. The publishing schedule reads as though a print run was going to happen in July, but I’m fairly sure that it didn’t.

The three co-editors of the News (Gerard Nash, Paul Elliott and Judy Benson) resigned their posts in March. Though they denied any acrimony, either between themselves or anyone else connected with the publication, in their Farewell piece it came across loud and clear that they were tired of criticisms they considered trivial (errors in captioning photographs of people attending social events being the recurring example), and a small but vocal minority of critics who would frequently disparage their stance on the issues, without once expressing their appreciation for taking a stance on the issues.

The new editors, Paul Hayes and Georgina Schoff, have been left with big shoes to fill. Taking a moment to find their feet before rolling out the next edition is probably a good idea.

But it’d also pay to let their readership know what is going on, too.

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