One thousand and one visitors

In case you missed it (see our privacy information), we use Google analytics to get some idea of where our visitors are from and what content they find the most interesting.

It’s not as Orwellian as it might seem: we can’t see who you are, and the statistics rely (I think) on information provided from your ISP.

Analytics tells us that this weekend we just registered our one-thousandth unique visitor (and will soon register 10 000 page-views). Actually, we now have 1 005 unique visitors, but I took the poetic liberty of proclaiming one thousand and one because it has that certain cachet!

Not everyone who visited came back — but a sizeable number of you have. (73% in fact.)

I hope that means we’re writing stuff you find interesting, and useful. Let us know if there are other topics or posts you’d like to see.

I know most of you get your updates by email — and that not everyone clicks-through to visit the blog, or even realises you can do so. So, feel free to click on the header to this or any email from us (or the picture of the Supreme Court), and visit the site.

If you do click-through and view an individual post, you can access the post-a-comment feature at the foot of that post. My concerns about spam or offensive posts seem to have been largely unfounded (touch wood) so I changed the comment-permissions to allow anyone to post without moderation.

Thanks to those who have contributed so far. We really appreciate your feedback and comments, and would love to hear from all our readers — whether it’s to agree, offer an additional or contrary opinion, point out something we missed or (heaven forbid) tell us we’re plain ol’ wrong!

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