Bar News — already sprung?

I had a gripe back in August about there being no winter edition of the Bar News, and no explanation.

Having seen the publication date for the spring edition also come and go with no change to the Victorian Bar webpage, I contacted co-editor Georgina Schoff and asked her whether something was being readied to roll off the presses.

Already done, I’m told. Copies of the Spring Edition (2009) 147 Vic B.N. are available from the Victorian Bar Office in William Street. I haven’t seen it yet, and I can’t attach a link to the online version because it’s not being made available online.

While I’m glad that publication has resumed, it seems a step backwards not to publish on the Web.

The NSW Bar post their Bar News in PDF format on their website (though admittedly they only publish twice a year, they also do a monthly newsletter for members of their Bar Association, as well as their own version of In Brief). Queensland’s Hearsay is only available on-line, and supports a combination of items that you might see in the Bar News and others commonly found in In Brief.

I invite anyone who has seen a copy of the latest edition to share their thoughts.

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