Reduction in infringements against children

I can’t remember the last time that the amount of a fine went down. I’m not sure it’s ever happened. There have been offences which have been phased out, of course, but because infringements are now linked to inflation they just keep going up and up.

Except these. From 1 Feb the fine for a child travelling on the public transport system without a valid ticket or otherwise mucking about has become $58, rather than the $172 it was before that. No real explanation for the reduction is given, but perhaps government have recognised that these kinds of fines just aren’t being paid.

On a related topic, is anyone familiar with the Fare Enough program? The promotional material makes it seem as though it’s been widely implemented, but I’ve never heard of it before.

It’s apparently a short course run by Kangan Batman TAFE. It was brought in through the introduction of s 227A to the Transport Act 1983 in 2006. It seems the program does not offer the unconditional dismissal of matters which accompanies completion of the ropes program.

Is it an idea that fizzled? If the program is operating, it may offer an alternative for children who would otherwise go on to the long waiting lists to do a ropes course.

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