It pays to advertise …

Something I tripped over on the Law Institute of Victoria’s website:

In July 2010 the LIV will launch the first edition of the National Guide of Expert Witnesses. The LIV is offering the opportunity to advertise as an expert witness in the guide, which will be widely circulated.

Why not, I suppose. There has to be some way for lawyers to be put in touch with the ‘forensic accountants, medical practitioners, psychiatrists, specialists in electronic discovery, veterinarians, automotive experts, chemists, estate valuers, building, construction engineers’ and others they might wish to call upon for an expert opinion.

Of course, it’s the time and expertise that an expert witness is remunerated for, not the opinion favourable to their client’s case. Even so, some conservative practitioners (and experts) probably despair at such a candid admission that shopping the marketplace of expert opinion is exactly that. While the ads in the LIV Guide appear professional and restrained, can more lurid advertising be far behind?

For those interested here’s the brochure.

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