DPP appeal in Kypri going ahead after all

Further Edit: The Court of Appeal have handed down their decision in Kypri. See our discussion of it here.

edit The grant of leave is available here.

I was wrong in yesterday’s post: turns out the DPP was granted leave to appeal, and although no date was set, the case is set down for an expedited hearing.

Although I edited my post, I know many people just read the emails sent out by the Feedburner service, so I figured I should post a mea culpa to update you all.

One thing this does show is how helpful a system would be of reporting appeal applications and showing their status and dates. Although the Courts provide daily lists, they only come out the day before the appeal is heard, which isn’t much use to the rest of the legal industry. How about it, court webmasters?

As an aside, thanks to all who emailed to correct me! And rang. And SMSed…

It’s good to know our audience is indeed listening!

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