Kypri, Piscopo & Rukandin appeals set

Edit: The Court of Appeal have handed down their decision. See our discussion of it here.

The Court of Appeal has set hearing dates for argument in DPP v Kypri (discussed here), and DPP v Piscopo and DPP v Rukandin (discussed here), on 6 & 7 June 2011.

The Court of Appeal’s new appeal rules commenced operation on 28 February 2011, so it’s quite possible that the ruling in these appeals could be given either at the end of argument or very soon after, with detailed reasons provided later.

12 thoughts on “Kypri, Piscopo & Rukandin appeals set

  1. In January the OPP failed in their attempt to have their appeal against Erhan Serbest heard together with the three matters going to the Court of Appeal.Presumably Serbest will go before a single judge of the Supreme Court in due course. I don't know the date. The most recent I've heard about it is a reference in this article from the Age in mid-Feb.

  2. Piscopo and Rukandin were argued today; Kypri is on tomorrow. Under the new Court of Appeal rules, we might get a decision tomorrow with reasons to follow later.

  3. Anonymous

    Did a decision follow today's proceedings? Many ThanksFrom a keen observer of the outcome of these cases

  4. No decision. Differently constituted Courts heard Piscopo & Rukandin on the first day, and then Kypri on the second. Judgment was reserved — apparently, the decision is not expected soon.

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