Road Safety Act – missing, presumed read

Edit: I have received a reply, within 12 hours of my initial email:

Thanks for picking that up.

You’re right, it hasn’t been repealed. The data we got had ‘authorised’ prepended to the title, so it was put under ‘A.’

I’ve now restored it to its rightful place and fixed the titles on the pages. However, I note that a new version was published on our last update. Just so you know the version at Vic Law Today remains newer until we update next week.

And indeed, the full Act can now be found here.

There are a number of cases out at the moment that have sent me in search of provisions in the Road Safety Act 1986.

I noticed that AustLII’s version went offline about a week ago, and assumed it was just the sort of glitch that happens from time to time. But it hasn’t come back again. The Road Safety Act isn’t on AustLII’s alphabetised list of legislation, it’s not coming up on Google and all the links to it are dead.

Has it been repealed and nobody told me? Or renamed the Competition and Consumer Act?

I’ve shot AustLII an e-mail asking where their copy has gone. I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

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