There are two ways to subscribe to this blog. Subscribing means new content is delivered to you and you don’t need to return to the blog to check for new content.



RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a way of automatically feeding updates from websites, notifying subscribers of new content. That means you don’t have to keep visiting a website to check for updates: it lets you know of new stuff as it’s published!

You can subscribe to my feed here.

RSS feeds are viewed using an RSS feed reader. RSS readers can be a dedicated program, an email program or a web-based reader. I previously used Google’s web-based Reader because it was free and available anywhere with an internet connection, and Mr Reader on the iPad.

But since Google announced it is shutting down Reader in July 2013, I’ve migrated to feedly, which works on mobile and desktop devices.

RSS feeds are usually shown by the orange and white RSS symbol above.


You can also subscribe to a single daily email of any posts on the blog, delivered directly to your Inbox. Originally I used FeedBurner to provide this, but now use Feedblitz. You can unsubscribe any time.

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