Elucubrator is Kyle McDonald, a barrister practising on Patterson’s List. Elucubrate is a latin word meaning ‘to study by lamplight at night’. It seemed apt because Kyle does most of his reading and blogging at night. (Turns out there’s more than one ‘Elucubrator’ around — just check google to see what we mean.) Kyle created this blog to file information he found useful, then shared it with a few friends by password-only-access, then opened it to the wider internet and revamped the HTML and CSS to what it is today…

Dr Manhattan remains an enigma and likes it that way. All opinions and observations expressed here should be viewed with an abiding mistrust.

We like to think this blog presents a balanced view of the issues. If you disagree, you have only to say so! Generally, we blog about things we think relevant to criminal practice in Victoria, especially in courts of summary jurisdiction. We also post stuff that catches our eye or we think is interesting, quirky or funny.

But…we don’t discuss our own cases.

None of the material on this blog is legal advice. If you need legal advice, see a lawyer.

Don’t rely on any information on this site without seeking professional advice specific to your situation. Posts are in reverse-date order, and we usually don’t revisit or edit them after they’re posted, so they may become out-of-date.

Material on this blog may be modified or altered at any time, and comments are subject to moderation or removal.

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