UK Supreme Court to start on time

Jack Shaw, the UK’s Justice Secretary, announced the new Supreme Court that will replace the House of Lords, is on schedule to commence work on 1 October 2009.

The builders encountered problems during the restoration of the Middlesex Guildhall where the new Court will sit. Water had seeped in to the structural steelwork, which then rusted. (The repairs cost an additional £2 million.)

The builders have an interesting website showing the restoration process and artist sketches of the new court rooms. The Privy Council will sit in Court 3 of the new complex.

I was going to discuss the new complex a little, but in addition to the builder’s website, Irish blog already has a good post linking to news articles on it. Interestingly, in a similar theme to Dr Manhattan’s post about using video technology, Eoin O’Dell comments that the new Court will permit filming — a first for UK courts!

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