Throwing a light on the High Court

I just came across a new legal blog yesterday. Turns out it quietly started in January this year. Or maybe it was with great fanfare, and I was just asleep at the time…

Whichever it was, the blog seems good value. There are four bloggers posting on cases heard in and decided by our High Court, including discussion and analysis on cases as they are argued, and applications for leave to appeal — which is a great way of getting a heads-up on possible imminent changes to the law.

The blog is called The Lampost, inspired by the quote ‘legal academia is used as a drunk uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination’. You can get the RSS feed here. (For some reason, I get only feed headings in Google Reader. No text from the post. Anyone else get that?)

Give ’em your support and check it out.

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